“Cycle Therapy” is our methodology of creating the ultimate experience for motorcyclists. Although riding a motorcycle on the open highway is therapeutic in itself, Rock City Cycles takes it a step further because “Cycle Therapy” goes much further than just the ride. Here at Rock City Cycles, we believe that “Cycle Therapy” begins when you first decide to purchase a motorcycle and encompasses several factors outside of “just the ride”. We live by the THERAPY model below:

Training.  Our motorcyclist training program offers safety training and safety inspections for all levels of riders. Safety is one of the most important factors to a rider, so we want to make sure that all of our riders are trained appropriately.

Home.  At Rock City Cycles, we are more than just a motorcycle shop, so we want you to feel at home where you’re surrounded by family.

Events.  We develop and promote our own events which are designed to maximize exposure for motorcyclists, foster camaraderie, share best practices, and provide a social atmosphere for all to enjoy. Check out our calendar of upcoming events so that you can attend too.

Riding.   We can’t forget at the Ride; that feeling of freedom as you’re rolling down the open highway with the wind against your body can’t be duplicated.

Art.  Motorcycling is more than just a sport; it is an art-form, which takes root in various cultures, locations, and time periods. It provides entertainment to the masses and fosters a positive environment for motorcyclists to express themselves. At Rock City Cycles, we take this mentality one step further. 

Paraphernalia.  Motorcycle riding gear can directly affect your ride as well as your safety, which is why provide suggestions on protective gear and the appropriate sizes for each client.  Furthermore, we have a wide variety of gear to select from to ensure that we can meet the needs of all motorcyclists.

You.  “Cycle Therapy” wouldn’t be anything without YOU, and to truly maximize your riding experience, it is important for your motorcycle to be individualized.  For instance, did you know that to selecting the best motorcycle for you includes assessing your body-type, riding style, and experience?  This is why we strive to educate and pair our customers with motorcycles that fit their individual needs.